Magician Kim Wist General Data Protection Regulation

We guarantee all personal data according to laws and regulations. We update our policy as needed.

1. Registery holder

T:mi Kim Wist, Kuurintorpantie 1 J, 02750, Espoo, EU VAT FI-1373640-4 (hereafter T:mi KW) phone. +35840 5022 867, Responsible for data protection: Kim Wist. Inquaries about GDPR:

2. The purpose of the registery

We call this registery "T:mi Kim Wist customer register". Only Kim Wist has access to this registery. The registery is based upon agreements and contracts made with T:mi KW and the lawful right for usage of this data in daily business. Anyone in the registery is entitled to wiev or ask for information remowal at any time. The companies and persons in the registery have all legal GDPR rights. The information in the registery is used as follows:

  • - Managing customer relationships
  • - Managing orders and contacts
  • - Invoicing
  • - Customer service
  • - Organizing events
  • - For marketing purposis
  • - To comply with the current GDPR regulations

3. What is stored and where does this information come from?

Name, address, phone number, email, invoicing details and premission / prohibition to use this infomation for T:mi KW marketing purposes. The information is obtained from contacts, T:mi KW website, offers, orders, customer meetings and contracts.

4. Handing over of this information

The information is hadled only inside T:mi KW. The information is not given to third parties, outside EU or to anyone else for that matter.

5. Protection

The information is stored secuirely on a computer that is password and pin protected. The only machine that has this data is owned by Kim Wist. If new empoyers are hired or there is change to the current staff, all passwords are changed.

6. Storage time

The information is stored with the permission of the customer as long as the customer relationship is considered active. After the ending of the relationship the data is stored for maximum of 36 months as written in the GDPR laws. The condition of the bookkeeping law states, that information must be kept for 5 years from the financial statement. Some of the data is stored according to this bookkeeping law.

T:mi Kim Wist, Espoo, Finland
phone: +358 40 5022 867

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